Korean into English

What can you do for me?

Korean-English translations, specifically general, business or literature.  Rates are as follows:

Korean won US dollars Euros
Per Korean source word: 80 0.08 0.06


Why do I want to hire you?

I’m a graduate of Yonsei University’s Korean Language Institute, one of the premier Korean language programs in the world. I’m also the author of a reference guide to Korean grammar for English speakers; it’s due to be published by Tuttle.  Additionally, after over seven years of living in Korea, I’m very knowledgeable about Korean culture and the connotations and deeper meaning of the language.  I’ve been translating Korean to English since 2012 for various clients, including agencies such as Transportal and Travod.

Here are some sample translations I’ve done.

Korean-English webpage translation

Korean-English newspaper article translation


Sounds good!  How can I reach you?

Email me to discuss your project further and see if Griffon Translation is right for you.