English into Korean

What can you do for me?

So why would you hire me to do a translation into Korean?  Well, I’ve lived and worked in Korea for over seven years now.  I know all about the culture.  In my time here, I’ve met a few people who had something they needed to translate into Korean, but who were unable or unwilling to find a native Korean speaker to do it, for whatever reason; maybe the information was sensitive and they weren’t comfortable asking a Korean co-worker, or maybe they were new to the country and just didn’t know anyone they trusted.  If you’re one of those people who needs that letter to their principal or to another Korean who doesn’t speak English, I can promise to communicate your ideas clearly.  There may be a small grammar or spelling mistake here or there, but the meaning will be 100% accurate.  This service is completely discreet and your name and information will never be disclosed to anyone else.


English into Korean service rates are as follows:

Korean won US dollars Euros
Per page: 30,000 28.00 21.50


Why do I want to hire you?

First of all, if you’re looking for a flawless, professionally-done English into Korean translation, Griffon Translation is not a good match for you.  I’ve graduated from Yonsei University’s Korean Language Institute and I’ve written a book on Korean grammar.  My Korean is quite fluent, and if you want a Korean-English translation, I can absolutely help you with that; see my Korean into English page for more.  However, there are certain cases in which 100% accuracy isn’t the most important thing, and I can promise you complete discretion and a translation that is good enough for your purposes.


Sounds good!  How can I reach you?

Email me.  Note that I will not accept projects that involve any illegal activities.